With the world veering towards a mix of online and real-world entertainment, it’s no surprise that industries are shifting and adapting to the online world. Online versions of practically every business now exist, but what many of these businesses are still taking into account is how to shift not only to the online world, but also to the online mobile world. That’s where casinos have upped the ante, with the launching of various mobile casino platforms. However, how do you know if you which ones are the decent and trustworthy mobile casinos? 

What makes mobile casino games different?

Some people may be wondering; what makes an online mobile casino different. Well, the trick there is that it’s not just about being online – if that were the case, then mobile casinos would be no different from the standard casino website. The difference lies in the following:

Optimization for Mobile

Mobile casino games, like iPad casino games, are designed specifically for the smaller screens and, in many cases, the touchscreen function that most mobile devices have. In fact, iPhone casino games and their Android counterparts are extremely important, as the small form factor allows people to play mobile casino games anywhere, be it during lunch break, while traveling, or even while relaxing in a bar or café.

Compatibility Across Different Mobile Devices

Mobile casino platforms have to be compatible in both iOS and Android platforms (and perhaps even Windows Mobile). This could mean that they should use HTML5 rather than java, particularly in the case of iOS devices. And it isn’t just about operating system compatibility, but about security issues and other concerns that can only stem from having a mobile platform to work with.

What to look for in a Mobile Casino

Mobile casino games aren’t in the same numbers and varieties as their standard online counterparts, but it makes sense that there are many advantages to having a mobile gaming platform, as it were. Here are the things you should look for when accessing an iPad casino game, or its android counterpart.


Mobile-Caisno-BlackjackThe old limitation of traditional online casinos was that once you were away from the PC, it meant that you were away from the game. These days, as long as you have a, say, iPhone casino game, you can play anytime, anywhere. Think about it, you’re in the waiting room for a doctor’s appointment, or if you’re riding the bus or the subway, you can while away the hours by having a few games. You don’t even have to worry about playing at work, since you can access the games easily while on your mobile device. And if you’re out of the country, you’ll still be able to play your favorite games. So, while looking for a mobile casino to have fun with, make sure that it can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Also, do make sure that it is fully compatible with your mobile device.

Money management

You should look for mobile casino games that allow you to manage your money directly, and with a minimum of user-experience stress.

Phone billing – One way that you can put deposits into your casino account for gaming would be to do it directly from your phone. In this option, the money you put into your account will be billed to you as an added expense in your phone bill.

Debit and credit – Another way to fill up your account for gaming would be to link your credit or debit card to your gaming user account. While this may allow you better access to funds, you should make sure that you mobile casino platform is secure. If you’re not too sure yet, it pays to spend on a debit card to try the feature out. You can also impose limits for outgoing cash in your debit or credit accounts, so that you know that you won’t go overboard.

Is it fun even when offline?

Many mobile casino games have offline modes, where you can sharpen your skills in the game. For example, if you feel like you’re being severely trounced in your iPad casino game of choice, then it might be a good idea to practice heavily on offline mode before putting some money down.

There’s also another side to playing with an offline mode: you can personally enjoy the game without worrying about losing money. This may be a good idea if you’re just relaxing after work, and you know that you’re senses aren’t as sharp as they should be for serious games.

So: if you can find an engaging iPhone casino game, for example, then the very first thing you should check out after enjoying a trial run would be to see if you can an offline mode for personal satisfaction.

Free Stuff

Do note that mobile casino gaming is still relatively new, so it’s no surprise if some site owners and operators will give you bonuses or special offers once you sign up for the service. You should also check to see if they’ll give bonuses for referrals. Do remember, though, that bonuses can’t be withdrawn from the game per se, as you would usually have to use them all up for gaming. However, your winnings from using the bonuses can most certainly be withdrawn to your account or debit card (if that is allowed). If you find a good game with many bonuses, be sure to read up first on what their bonus policies are.

Safety Whilst Playing On Your Mobile

As with all gaming platforms, mobile casinos should have secure online data transmissions. If you’re looking for fun mobile casino games you can play wherever you are, do make sure to read all the fine print about security and refunds, in case of questionable activity on your account. As a second safety, do make sure you have limits placed on your main accounts, as mentioned before. One easy way to see if they are secure enough is to see if they are using 128-bit SSL encryption technology for their data connections.

As you can see, it’s important to be careful about which mobile casinos you will link up to. But once you find the best games for you, do remember: have fun!